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want to use HVX200 to broadcast to web

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  • want to use HVX200 to broadcast to web

    hello- i have a project coming up and i will need to broadcast live to the web in as high a quality as possible. the camera i have available is an HVX200. After doing a bit of research i have not come up with any software offering better than consumer level quality. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    You'll need to pay for a service, a company set up to do this, and they'll walk you through it. There's nothing "high quality" that you can run from your computer by yourself. "High Quality" means you need streaming servers, proprietary software, etc. There are many companies that do this.
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      thanks ben. your advice set me in the right direction. appreciate it.


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        I wouldn't say it's impossible to do your own live video web cast. Especially in light of 'high quality' being entirely subjective. It ain't rocket science... Also are we talking Mac or PC?

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          It depends where you want to go with it.

          Are you streaming to uStream or Stickam or are you trying to go out to your own service in HD?

          If you are just going to uStream with 1 camera, you can plug it in via firewire and uStream will pick it up like a webcam. It may auto convert it to SD though.
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            " as high a quality as possible.". That a not gong to happen with UStream or most other free services.
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            Louisiana State University & Delgado College


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              Try it

              A Ustream account is free. Download their Producer software - or buy Pro for $99 for better quality. It adjusts quality based on internet connection. You'll need broadband; preferably wired. I'm not sure if the Firewire connection will work. Let us know if you try. I've used a converter from composite to usb and plugged into labtop. The real question is whether quality works for your needs.

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