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MXF to Quicktime need to double the storage?

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  • MXF to Quicktime need to double the storage?

    Hi -- I have two 1TB drives (an original and a copy) that are nearly full from shooting a promo video in HD (shot with the Panasonic HVX200). Do I need to double the hard drive space to edit this in Final Cut Pro (v.6) or buy at least another 1TB -- even if I have no use for the MXF files when Im done?

    Or can I delete the original or copied MXFs once the originals transfer to a Quicktime file? I want at least one copy. I'm logging and transferring the MXF files from firewire drives, having copied them from the P2 cards during the shooting, but the Quicktime files are quickly eating up the remaining storage.

    I prefer Quicktime because its more easily viewed and it is one file compared with the separate video and audio MXF files (video shot in 720pn, transferring to DVCPro 720p HD Quicktime). Final output is to DVD. I plan to give the client one of the drives with the Quicktime files when the job is done and edited, but I'm trying to avoid raising my costs. Help with this workflow would be appreciated.


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    I'd keep the MXF originals until the job is done, just to be safe.
    OR make a backup copy of the QT re-wraps, until the job it done, to be safe.
    THEN, you can give the QT's to the client, and delete the MXF backups, or the QT backups, letting the client know the backups are being deleted, and they have the one and only copy.

    NEVER work without backups of your footage. Especially when working tapeless! It's not a matter of "if" something goes wrong and you lose a drive (and your tapeless footage), but a question of "when" it'll happen.

    If that means buying new hard drives, then that should be budgeted into your proposal for the project expenses.
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