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EX-3 and Stage Lighting

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  • EX-3 and Stage Lighting


    We've recently upgraded from HDV Z1U's to EX-3's.

    We're still getting used to them. We've accidentally grabbed the iris ring instead of the focus ring once, once. Aside from fumbling in the dark and realizing that channel 1 XLR is behind channel 2, we're not particularly happy with our results.

    We primarily use these cameras to archive dance and theatre performances. Our Z1U's were seemingly less "grainy" under high gain add we're also getting blocky clouds instead of smooth gradients. These clouds are reminiscent or 8/16-bit computer graphics.

    In monochromatic lighting (without white references), the colors are not always as they appear to the naked eye. We're still white balancing as we did for the Z1U. At times, these colors are almost inverted.

    We've also noticed rolling in theatrical LED lighting. Our Z1U's handle the same LED's without flicker or rolls.

    I've tested with various shutter speeds (multiples of 30) and shutter angles.

    Anyways... has anyone else experienced unwanted results under stage lighting?

    We've been quite happy with the EX-3's under daylight and plain white bright stage light... but add color, darkness, or LED's and it's a crap-shoot.

    Is anyone out there filming with vast lighting grids? Have you noticed poor results? Any suggestions?

    Does Sony offer workshops on tweaking their cameras?