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Standard Def lens on HD camera?

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  • Standard Def lens on HD camera?


    has anyone seen the results of high quality SD wide angle lenses on HD cameras?

    lenses such as the...
    Fujinon A8.5x5.5 or A10x4.8
    Canon J9x5.2 or J11x4.5 / J11ax4.5B

    thinking in terms of how much softer and the extent of vertical edge chromatic aberrations.

    are the differences dramatically obvious and results very poor?
    I have seen a few still frame comparisons on various websites and the major differencs were at the edges.
    But the sites did not state which SD lenses were used. Some of the unacceptable imaging in the stills would also show up in SD footage if the lenses were medium to low quality.

    We have a fujinon (SD) super wide and have to dramatically tune down the in camera(SD) detailing.

    2 directions...

    1 - curious how "bad" first rate SD lenses are on HD?

    2 - the goal of a soft focus effect vs pro mist or post effects?



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    Re: Standard Def lens on HD camera?

    Comparing an industrial lens to a broadcast lens on SD has little to do with doing it on HD.

    Even a stunning broadcast lens may not have much left of the MTF curve at HD resolutions, even though it looks fab at SD resolution.

    This means lower contrast, at best an artistic look that saves you work in post... :O)


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