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Does Anyone Know How To Do This??

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  • Does Anyone Know How To Do This??

    Hey everyone,
    I have a question that I've ran by all my associates and so far no one has a definite answer on how this could be efficiently done.

    Myself and one other cameraman have been hired to shoot HD be-roll of a few various locations in the Caribbean. (I know it's a tuff life) One of the [B][B]locations we have been asked to shoot at is a place in Puerto Rico called Biobay. This location is supposedly famous for having one of the best bioluminescent light shows in the world.

    Check it out

    We have been asked to capture a few subjects swimming and kayaking, in the bay. We will most likely not be going into the water but will have underwater housings. We do not want to shot it in "night vision" or inferred. We would like to use the Sony EX1 if possible. I don't think slowing the shutter speed down and so on will work because we will be on the water but I could be wrong. Does anyone have suggestions or experience with anything like this?

    Here's the question: How do you shot full color HD footage of people swimming and kayaking in bioluminescent waters?

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    Are you using any lights at all? If you use a gel that flouresces like a lee 118 or similar you might be able to fill without losing the unique effect, though its hard to say since you have a very specific problem and location.