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2Perf 35mm finish on Digi Beta or HDCAM

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  • 2Perf 35mm finish on Digi Beta or HDCAM


    I have directed a short film shot on 2-Perf 35mm, I need to be able to explain to an investor who is not a film person, the difference between finishing on PAL Digital Betacam or the more expensive HDCAM.

    The Digi Beta path would be: telecine to digi beta, colour grade in Colour, master to Digi beta.

    The HD path would be: telecine to HDCAM, Tape to Tape HD Colour grade at high end facility, master to HDCAM.

    I need to be able to explain to a non film person the difference they will see when the film is projected in a cinema at a film festival.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, particularly any stills that exist on the web that might indicate the difference.

    Thank you,


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    Hi Sarah-

    Digibeta is standard definition- that's less than half the image quality of HD. Hardly anyone is mastering in SD alone these days as a result. You can't make a decent film print off an SD source nor a Blu-ray master either.

    You really need an HD master of your movie otherwise you're throwing away a huge amount of resolution from the original film negative. And really the costs of HDCAM vs. Digibeta at any post house these days is negligible. And while many film festivals will accept a Digibeta master for screening some will insist on HD.

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