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    As revenue generating digital signage professionals, we try our best to keep up with the digital technology emerging daily. We dive into our digital signage newsletters as soon as they hit our inbox, hoping for inspiration on how to move our signs to the next level or answer questions to our latest hang ups. Occasionally a company stumbles over a problem that can’t be fix by a simple upgrade or fresh content. The solution lies far from the click of a mouse or a new piece of equipment. AIM Digital Visions ran into this case when our client Weis Markets requested shrouds to cover up the wires and hardware on the back of our WeisTV Network screens. “Simple! This shouldn’t be a problem”, we thought. “Surely someone has tripped over the problem before and developed a solution.” A few Google searches later, we realized the shroud company we were looking for had to open for business in the backroom of our own office… and soon. The IT staff, the sales department, and the media division gathered to brainstorm.

    How about just a flat piece of plastic? That’s simple enough… oh, and ugly. Hm, maybe make it round? Can’t we attach it straight to the screen? Well, those plasma screens are kind of expensive to be tearing apart…

    Then it hit us.

    First a basic framework is needed to attach the screen to the mount. Two vertical pieces of 1x1 nylon plastic attached to flat aluminum bar stock served its purpose. Two slots are cut into the plastic at 45-degree angles to accommodate a curved piece of ABS plastic. Not only is this smooth curve aesthetically pleasing, it also allows the pole mounts to tilt the screen forward without touching the shroud. Tada! No more ugly wires!

    Oh, and did we mention this smooth plastic provides a much bigger venue for your network logo without the distraction of a digital screen? Maybe we should change our name to AIM Digital Shrouds… but I’m sure next week we’ll have a new invention dreamed up to solve a new problem. That’s just another day in the digital signage industry.