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  • Digital Signage - Firehouses

    Looking for partner for a joint venture to launch a digital signage platform in firehouses. (52,900 sites). 30 years in fire service but limited knowledge on DS. What is the best way to deliver a signal to each firehouse in US.?

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    Digital Signage for Firehouses

    There are a number of vendors out there, Broadsign, Wirespring, Scala.
    The real question is how does you model work. What is it's reason for existence and why would people watch it? How will it be funded? Ads? How will they be sold?

    It sounds like it might have potential but the place where most models falter is in content and ad sales.


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      Digital Signage for Firehouses

      Ad supported. Plenty of content. Strong revenue stream. My question is, with so much technology facing this idea, what is the best medium to use. IPTV, satellite, or digital signage. Why digital signage...I do not know this industry, I know mine. I am asking for technology advice. Any comments would be appreciated.


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        IPTV or digital signage. But then, digital signage is not a "technology", but the implementation of stuff. You can do digital signage with IPTV. Here's what I'd ask. How much content, how often does it get updated or changed, how long are these programs? Are we talking about 30 second spots, 30 minute spots?

        I run HDTVs with a MacMini on each with PVP software. I have network access via Internet, can upload content over night. PVP (and most other digital signage software engines) have larger packages where you can set up a single server in a building, and it runs a battery of other screens. Most of my installations are single or a couple of screens, each with a MacMini mounted on the wall behind them, over AirPort to the Internet. Such a simple set up, we do our work on-line at night while the business is closed, for a variety of reasons.

        IPTV will let you stream stuff to remote locations, keeping the physical content on your own computer, the local computer for the screens just handle recieving the streams.

        There's a million ways to do this stuff. It all boils down to the nature of your content, how it needs to be delivered, etc.
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