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UK Speed Cam Nets 2.3 Million Pounds in Five Years

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  • UK Speed Cam Nets 2.3 Million Pounds in Five Years

    Recently, we reported on a red-light camera in Texas that had raked in $1 million in fines in a one-year period.

    But In England, they may have topped that. British media, including the Daily Mail, are reporting one that’s generated £2.3 million (about US$3.7 million) in fines in five years—although the Texan cam could beat that if it keeps up its enforcement rate over a five-year period.

    The camera is on the M11 in Woodford, Essex (a London suburb), and nabbed 38,243 drivers who broke the 50mph speed limit over the past five years.

    But it’s not clear that the British camera fines are actually netting all that money. The Mail reports that at £60 per ticket (about US$96), the camera yielded a “potential” £2.3million.

    British media reported on the top-performing cameras following requests under the kingdom’s public information laws.

    There’s been something of a backlash in the United Kingdom over the enforcement cameras, including the Dec. 24 bombing of one unit.