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College Park (Md.) Moving Toward Speed Cams

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  • College Park (Md.) Moving Toward Speed Cams

    The City Council of Washington, D.C., suburb College Park, Md.--home of the University of Maryland Terrapins--has scheduled a public gearing March 23 on a speed camera system, according to a report in the Gazette. It could vote to approve the cameras that night.

    The council voted 8-0 on Feb. 23 to begin negotiating with camera vendors.

    Last year, the Maryland Legislature authorized local jurisdictions to install speed cameras in some school and construction zones.

    Feb. 16, speed camera firm Optotraffic decscribed areas surrounding Hollywood, Paint Branch, Al-Huda, Holy Redeemer and Friends Community schools as potential camera sites, the Gazette reported

    Read the complete Gazette report here.

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    I guess nobody is too clued in about the other side of this. In So. Cal there is a lot of debate going on over these cameras and the numbers of rear-end accidents that they cause. This data seems not to enter the picture because these programs are designed first and foremost to generate revenue and not to protect people.
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