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  • Streaming of Live Events?

    we are researching how we can webcast our school board meetings to the public. Can you share where I might find a comparison chart of the different turn-key solutions like Granicus and the sort? The Oxnard School District, like many across the country, have an Educational Access channel on our local Time Warner and Verizon FiOS cable service. When we started way back in 1983 this was the new technology and along the way we finally were married to the information technology dept. Yet, there is still this divide, the IT leaders want us to do our video in cable tv space and reluctant to impact IT bandwidth by doing the convergance dance and incorporate steaming media to the website. At this time, we have viewers asking on a regular basis why we haven’t started posting school board meetings and local origination videos on our website and all we can really say is our budget does not allow it to happen. From the research that I have done there are many solutions to do this on our own, but I continue to get the “We don’t want to impact our bandwidth” line and it seems like the IT leaders here will always defer to outsource this rather than keep it in house.

    I am hoping you can share some thoughts on how I can sell the idea of keeping this function as the normal growth and progression of instructional television/education access within information technology. At this point the IT folks want to get a cost for outsourcing to Granicus for the big bucks and disregarding any attempt to change the workflow or interactivity that I believe can affect academic achievement within our teaching and learning communities.

    Any thoughts, leads, points that can assist with my dilemma are greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    Depends on the number of users- but a webcast streaming out over a Fios line is likely to have minimal impact on standard IT services. You can easily do this yourself depending on whether your platform is Mac or PC.

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      Thanks for responding...I am blessed with this cool job, I get to wear many hats from production to programming for our education access channel--that I get behind the times when it comes to learning these technologies. Can you share where I might get more background info--books, websites, training that can help me get up to speed to help our school district make an informed decision.


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        Streaming Media Solutions

        Hi OPBear,

        Typically a solution like Granicus is far more expensive than just sending out a single source stream to a Streaming-centric CDN and setting a reasonable concurrency level. It can be a wonderful teachable experience internally instead of handing it completely off. You can involve the A/V dept and make a go of it. I would be thrilled to discuss this more with you.




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          Have students film


          What about having students record the meetings? Is there an A/V club or class that would be interested in doing this? Even a government or civic type of class might be able to provide the volunteers needed. It would be a learning experience for the students and allow you to do the recording in-house.

          As far as streaming/archiving, putting video in the "cloud" might be the best way to go (as far as cost/time is concerned). We offer the ability to host/archive the meetings with a cost per minute pricing structure (so that you are completely in control of how much you are paying for it.

          Does that help at all?

          Let me know if you have any questions,

          Justin Mosebach
          [email protected]