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Non-profits Seeking Video Gear

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  • Non-profits Seeking Video Gear

    Several readers of GOVERNMENT VIDEO are looking for resources for getting inexpensive or free/donated new or used gear for basic video production.

    Anyone out there know of any good clearinghouses for such information, or which major manufacturers/distributors or rental houses are looking for good causes that could use the gear and offer tax writedown in return?

    Post info here or send to [email protected]
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    Try the US Government!

    One source of equipment—video and otherwise—is the US Government.

    Local military installations often have a DRMO office. DRMO= Defense Reutilization and Management Office. The office makes surplus equipment available for other government agencies, non-profits and ultimately the general public.

    Some states may have surplus property agencies.

    In California, the State Department of General Services Surplus Property division used to comb DRMO stocks for things of use to state and non-profits.

    Colleges and Universities also maintain surplus departments.

    If analog equipment is being sought, checking local television stations and production/post-production houses might help them clear some attic, transmitter or rented storage space. Get friendly with Chief Engineers and the local SBE and SMPTE folks.

    Now you know my secrets... which successfully helped restore television to the ROP Radio-TV program I taught at a local high school.

    We got several truckloads of things at little or no cost over the years.