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  • Where is the talent?

    I'm a college professor researching what cities globally would be ideal for setting up a 3d/Effects business, besides the obvious suspects such as LA, NYC, London. This business would not be dependent on local clientele so it could be anywhere. I've spoken with some colleagues who have VFX experience, but they've been 'out of the loop' for some-odd years, and tend to know best their previous territory (usually LA).

    What cities/areas around the US and world have a relatively high number of 3d/VFX artists? Detroit? Hamburg? Hong Kong? Seattle? Where?

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    My vote for talent outside of the "usual suspects," is Austin Texas. We have a high tech community including lots of video games. As far as companies, there's only a couple besides mine, but we have huge individual talent pool with barely anything to do. We've also got a bunch of people that got sick of LA and moved to Austin. I mean our compositor worked on 2012 and Star Trek...he's no less talented than anyone else still in LA, plus we can work a lot cheaper due to cost of living.


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      Minneapolis is uber-saturated with VFX/Motion Design artists seeking work. Minneapolis is home to 50+ studios that do mostly broadcast work. At any point there will be over 200 applicants for 1 open position, many of whom are very talented people.

      There are several major advertising agencies that provide work for Minneapolis and are therefore able to keep all of the studios in town alive.

      Pixel Farm, Make Visual, Gasket, Drive Thru, are but a few studios in town that dominate. They would be some of your main competition.

      Plus Target and Best Buy have their corporate headquarters here and provide a lot of work. Target has an in-house production facility, but most of their broadcast work is still outsourced.

      Minneapolis is a good bet. We need more jobs.


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        Manila and Mumbai. Also Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Don't forget Atlanta and Miami.
        Post production is not an afterthought!


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          I think I'd scratch Vancouver off that list- Pixar, DD, Zoic to name a few have that town pretty much locked up.

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            There are many out of work VFX artists there, and with the film incentives there's a little film work beginning to surface.


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              Many cities have suffered runaway production now that Congress is giving tax breaks for corporations to shut down factories in the U.S. and open the same factory overseas.

              My understanding is that even the Los Angeles VFX industry is at 75% unemployment. So, a lot of VFX Artists with decades of experience -- out of work.

              Sounds like an opportunity to me.