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Beta back to Beta and DVD...Kona or Blackmagic?

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  • Beta back to Beta and DVD...Kona or Blackmagic?

    I'm just starting work at a small company that is doing work from Beta and mastering back to Beta or DVD, but they have been capturing and editing in DV via a Canopus converter. I just had a great conversation with David and Noah over on the DVD forum about improving our final product look. (Thanks for your input guys!)

    My question is this: What capture card would anyone recommend for our workflow? One of the Kona cards or a Decklink or something else? I like the idea of viewing my Photoshop stuff NTSC with the Kona, but I'm not ready to fight the battle of cost effectiveness on that issue. I'd like to land in Panasonicland eventually and do everything FW, but in the meantime I'm looking for some baby steps to get us started in the right direction.

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    Re: Beta back to Beta and DVD...Kona or Blackmagic

    Both Kona and Decklink are superb. You might also add to your confusion and throw in the Aurora Pipe series. I was not following your DVD-forum discussion, by the way, but I recommend that for DV-footage you should apply the G Nicer filter found in the Nattress G Film filters (

    But back to the uncompressed situation... I think you will have far better quality capturing uncompressed and then doing your MPEG2 compression or laying back to beta. Of course, you are better going SDI and digital than component analog, but we're talking very different $$$ here for decks. I presume, then, you are in the component analog beta world. While each of these cards may have specific feature sets (as you observed for the Kona), I have good words for all of them.

    Ned Soltz
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      Re: Beta back to Beta and DVD...Kona or Blackmagic?

      The DeckLink cards also allow you to view your Photoshop files on an NTSC monitor.
      - Kye


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        Re: Beta back to Beta and DVD...Kona or Blackmagic?

        Aurora PipePro is a solid performer here and we love it. It is SDI Input only so you would need a converter to get your Analog into the system, but it does feature all analog outputs along with SDI. It's about $799.

        Aurora PipeStudio features all the analog I/O you would need, but it is a bit pricey at around $2,000 for SD only.

        AJA Io series is a really great product since it's an external box and can be moved from system to system if need be. You can purchase just the Io LA if you only need an analog workflow.

        AJA Kona 2 is just the class of the field right now as far as SD and HD on the same card. We have one running right now in our primary edit suite and it's rock solid. Just 10 minutes from the time we started installation till we started capturing. It's currently cutting a broadcast Hi Def project and it's just gorgeous. Now it is SDI (SD / HD) input only with limited analog output so we're adding an AJA Io LA to the mix for the occassional analog footage we capture.

        We tested a Blackmagic HD Pro and we shipped it back in favor of the Kona 2.
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