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Output from Kona card question

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  • Output from Kona card question

    Right now we have one of our G5 duals connected to a SONY DVCAM 1800 deck via FW. The SONY DVCAM deck is connected to a BetaSP SONY deck via component cables. The Beta footage is captured this way through firewire. I am assuming a Kona LS card with breakout box will allow us to go directly in and out of the BetaSp with better quality. We also use a lot of photographs in our projects. Will our photographs and photoshop titles also benefit alot from using the Kona card? Most of our output is DVD NTSC and the titles from the DV codec can be pretty ratty at times.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Output from Kona card question

    An uncompressed timeline always makes your output that much better. A simple solution may be the AJA Io. Nice external box that you can hook up to pretty much any Mac and will give you uncompressed I/O via Firewire.

    If all you need to do is hook up the BetaSP machine, you could go with the Io LA which is Analog Only.
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