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Blackmagic Intensity Pro - DirecTV HD DVR capture

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  • Blackmagic Intensity Pro - DirecTV HD DVR capture

    I have tried my Blackmagic Intensity Pro HDMI capture from my DirecTV HD DVR box to my Mac Pro dual 2.66 Intel os 10.5.6. All works fine using the Blackmagic latest driver and the DVCPRO at 720p and 1080i EXCEPT I get big pixel blocks at times and some artifacts. Am I doomed with the re-compression of this mp4 output from the DTV box? Is there anybody who has luck doing this?

    I would invest in the necessary raid equipment to import over HDMI uncompressed, but can I edit uncompressed HD in FCP's latest? Or am I asking for more problems? I wish to finish with creation of blu ray.

    Is there anyone who has any suggestions for me? Anyway to just get the files off the DirecTV box? Can any compression work? How about uncompressed?

    Thanks so much!

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    Of course, you have the rights to all of the material you are taking off the DirecTV Box.

    Blackmagic Design and other vendors disable HDMI capture of HDCP encrypted material to prevent theft of material.

    Ned Soltz
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      Seems to me there are licensing issues here.
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        Criminal Responds:

        Well that took awhile to indicate me a criminal.

        I am interested only in music which I would like to keep for my own use only.
        No, it's not blocked, the re-compression is the only problem. I am not trying to steal movies or content which may contain technology to block what I am trying to do. That is certainly their right, of which I approve.

        I do feel if they don't use this technology and send it to my house, it is mine. I am sorry you think I am evil because I wish to watch a Jay Leno music act more than once in my own home.


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          You Have The Power

          Of course, if you do not agree with my ability to replay a Jay Leno music act, you can remove my original post rather than the belittling process.

          I am really not trying to cause any trouble here.
          I am a FCP user and saving the above is simply a hobby of mine, as well as thousands of others I am sure..
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            No one is belittling you sir. But what you want advice on is technically illegal whether you choose to acknowledge it or not. And there are plenty of other places on the web that will be happy to give you tips on how to handle this, we're not one of them. Sorry...

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