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Digibeta - SDI capture - some fundamentals

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  • Digibeta - SDI capture - some fundamentals

    I work for a DVD distribution company and we are considering bringing our authoring in house. We will recieve the films on digibeta from the restoration house which we will then need to capture into our machine for authoring. We'll use a digibeta deck outputting SDI likely into an AJA IoLD, then into FCP for capture, then on from there to compression, authoring, etc. I'm just concerned with the digibeta capture process currently.

    What bit rate should I expect to be dealing with? From what I've read SDI is generally set to 270mbps, which is the same data rate as 8-bit uncompressed, however it always seems to be referred to as 10-bit. I would like to work with the highest quality possible (unlike all you people that like to work with low-quality, [img]/CPC/2-pop/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]). It seems that SDI is capable of working at a higher data rate, specifically 370mbps, which is of course higher than the 340mbps that 10-bit uncompressed video comes in at. Really I'm just confused as I seem to be encountering conflicting sources on the web and in various books I've got on the subject.

    To Recap:

    digibeta tape goes SDI to the AJA IoLD then into FCP. Will FCP be receiving an 8-bit uncompressed signal or a 10-bit? Or something entirely different? I've never worked with SDI before. Also, does this in general sound like a reasonable setup for capturing 80-120min films? Obviously we will need the appropriate storage for this, but I don't want to drive this discussion off track (bad pun intended). Thanks for your help.


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    Re: Digibeta - SDI capture - some fundamentals

    Are you going to be editing these movie? If not why add the extra step of capturing to FCP then compressing. Buy a SDI encoding board and have it ready for authoring.
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      Re: Digibeta - SDI capture - some fundamentals

      That may do the trick. The only two hardware MPEG-2 encoders I can find at the Optibase MPEG Master and the Wired Mediapress. Both look quite capable, I just want to make sure I can maintain optimum quality with these cards, does anyone have any experience with either of these or another I may be missing? I'm looking to decide between either a hardware or software solution, if there is no difference in quality (given the appropriate encode settings) then the hardware option makes much more sense.

      Thanks for your help, Gineric.