Any opinions on this? Sonnet 5-bay eSATA enclosure with port multiplier and Sonnet Tempo SATA X4p.
My immediate need is for more media space both for editing and storage. I'd mainly use the enclosure as jbod, but later might find the need to set some of the drives as a RAID.

I'd do that if I find that when I decide to edit my Z1U footage as hdv I may find a use for using RAID somewhere in the process.

I like that it is SATA II capable 3.0 gb/s, in case I ever need it - meantime I'd have all the storage and working media drives I need. I have to budget wisely, so want to know if there's anything different I should consider or if this is indeed the best for the money ($800) for bay and card before adding hard drives.

G5 dual 2.3 (pci-x slot) editing in dv, later hdv.