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need suggestions, vhs to DVD recorders +

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  • need suggestions, vhs to DVD recorders +

    When I get client requests for DVDs made from their old vhs tapes I need to streamline my DVD production process and eliminate having to capture to hard drive, compress, go to DVDsp. I want to get a stand alone DVD recorder, maybe one with the vhs player as part of the unit. I'd also like to have various connector options so I can also make dv copies direct from a dv deck attached via firewire.

    I might opt for an older model to get a low price, but want to maintain good quality DVD production. Maybe I should wait for something that also can do HD . . . , but then it may not have a built in vhs player. Any suggestions?

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    I use a JVC, DR-MV1S, factory refurb was about $150. There are plenty of inexpensive units out there from Go Video and others that will do the job and have the Firewire connection but you will have very limited options on start/stop edits and virtually no menu options. If it's a serious transfer, from VHS or other tape source consider a Canopus ADVC100 (now replaced with the ADVC110.)
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