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Panasonic AJ-D450 + FCP 5.1.2 + Decklink Extreme

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  • Panasonic AJ-D450 + FCP 5.1.2 + Decklink Extreme


    The deck is a Panasonic aJ-D450 and the card is a Decklink Extreme.
    G5 with FCP 5.1.2.
    We don't have the video out to the broadcast monitor.
    We installed the latest version of the software found on Decklink website, the 5.9.
    It's the same thing. The broadcast monitor is a Sony 14".
    Since we updated the software, we don't have any image in Final Cut Pro, in the log and capture window.
    I can see the external monitor from the display system preferences.
    From the Black magic Deck Control, I can drive the deck, I can see that the timecode is the same as on the deck, but I don't have any preview.
    Also, from the broadcast monitor, I can see a tape playing in the deck.

    I uninstalled the 5.9 to reinstall the 5.6, but we still don't have a preview image in the log and capture in FCP.

    Thanks for your help.


    PS: I posted on an other forum without success.

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    You don't say what connections you have. Or whether your issue is wiring or potential hardware failure.

    We have a similar set up and found that if you have the SDI option board it's no good as only the video comes in/out of this and you cannot mix and match SDI with XLR analogue on capture/playback.

    We have the following setup:

    -Component out of the decklink straight to the 450 Video in
    -Component video out of the 450, into a monitor, thru and back to the decklink card
    -Audio out of the decklink into a distributor (balanced in-unbalanced out), audio monitor feed taken off, then thru into the 450 audio in
    -Audio out of the 450 straight into the decklink

    The only issue with this is you don't get an audio monitoring on capture, but you can just plug in some headphones or have it hardwired to a separate channel on your audio monitor amp.

    Check your decklink prefs and make sure they are routed correctly.

    We have 8 decklink systems connected to Digi Beta, D9, DVCPro and Mini DV, all are working great but the wiring is a headache except when you use SDI which is the best option, but not in the panasonic case.


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      I forgot to ask whether you get the black magic "no input signal" in the capture window?

      The other drawback to the way we wired it is that the video out loops thru a monitor, but if you have a good quality broadcast monitor it shouldn't colour of affect the signal at all.