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Definitive Answer Needed on HiDef Issues

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  • Definitive Answer Needed on HiDef Issues

    Here's some questions that I'd love to know the answer to:

    Do plasma TV's display in true interlaced mode? Or do they perform some kind of conversion to make an interlaced signal compatible with the display system inherent in Plasmas.

    The same for TFT HDTV screens. What is the deal there? TFT do not use the interlaced system, so how is 1080i displayed for instance? Is it again converted to de-interlaced (Progressive) or can you view an interlaced signal on a TFT, if so how does this work?

    The reason being I want to know if I can forget about interlace issues in our production facility with the advent of HD and the displaying of HD on TFT/Plasma screens. Do I need to still test stuff on a CRT for flicker and other problems with the interlace system?

    Blue Ray Discs; Can you author all different types of HD onto them? For instance can I burn one with a 1280X720 movie, then another with a 1920X1080? What resolutions do they support?

    I'm finding it hard to find the answers, either no one knows or the info on google is hidden amongst a million popular sites selling HD kit!!

    Thanks in advance.