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which 4 internal harddrives to combine

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  • which 4 internal harddrives to combine

    i am just about to buy a mac pro with 2x2,66ghz dualcore processors and 4GB Ram which will be primarily used for videoediting and postproduction.
    since i need a lot of harddiskspace and cannot yet afford an external x-raid i am thinking about equipping it with 4x750BG Harddisks.
    Which are the Harddisks that Apple delivers when configuring the system online and do they run safely (or is there another brand which is better if we look at 750GB drives? A vendor proposed Samsung S-ATA II Spin Point Harddrives - any experience with those?). And how hot does this all get? Do I need some extra cooling?
    thanks for advice

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    You cannot RAID the internal boot drive.

    I would buy the smallest boot drive configuration, and then get some Hitachi SATAs from
    2-pop Guide

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      internal drives

      i know. i wasm't gonna raid all 4 drives, only drive two and three with both 2x750GB for the media files. the original boot drive i would not raid and use for project files. the last file will be used for render files. best for the head this was, and still 2x750GB striped and save...
      i was told that it's best to go for 4x the same drive-size, obviously works best this way, fewer crahsed.
      still, my question remains - IF i should choose such an option, which internal drives are recommendable?


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        sorry, just saw that the hitachi is an internal drive... and it's fast and obviously rather quiet. i also hear, though, that it gets pretty hot. what are your experiences? will i need extra cooling? and what about "mixing" various sizes of internal harddrives when doing a lot of final cut and videopostproduction (after effects, motion). is it ok to put a small drive in slot 1, and put - for example - 2x1TB and another 250GB in the remaining three slots?