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Bizarre Mini DV issues- playback and capture

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  • Bizarre Mini DV issues- playback and capture

    I'm working on a project that involves capturing many mini DV tapes, shot on 2 different cameras. Tapes from one camera have captured perfectly fine.

    The others are creating some issues I've never seen before. Playback on one of my decks is providing almost-normal images, however it appears to stutter and show some artifacting of some sort.

    On another deck, standard playback looks sort of like it's fast-forwarding.

    These tapes belong to a client who does not know what camera they were shot on.

    My initial notion was that I was viewing 24P advanced without pulldown, hence the jittery look, but attempting to capture in any mode at all, standard or advanced pulldown generated an error messages regarding issues with the tape.

    Well the same thing happened for all three tapes, so I'm wondering if I'm facing a format I'm not familiar with. Anyone know what's going on?


    I'm using FCP 5, attempted capture were made via both SDI (set to DV capture) and firewire (standard and advanced pulldown).