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    I'm editing a show that must be printed to betacam sp tapes. I'm used to using a DVCPro deck, and I'm not sure how to set timecode presets on the Betacam deck. Can someone talk me through it?

    I'm using a BVW-75, and I'm trying to get the tapes to start at 00:58:49:00 so that I can lay down bars and tone and black before the show starts.

    Also, when I tried to edit to tape with Final Cut, the deck freaked out and started making weird noises. Is it better just to use the print to video option?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'm having similar issues, as I need to print to a BetaSP (Sony PVW-2800)

    Were you able to solve the issue? (and how did you?)

    I'm on FCP 6.0.3, using a Deckink HD Extreme



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      You can set timecode on a Betacam deck by performing a "first edit" with an editor, like the Sony BVE-2000, but I don't know if it's possible without using an edit controller.

      We have a linear BVE-2000 in our office, but it's so out-dated, we're dissembling it Monday. Want to buy it?

      Those decks have an "external" timecode source port on the back. Perhaps you can find a cheap timecode generator and plug it into the deck and set it to use the "external" timecode setting when recording instead of it's internal TC generator.

      You can reset TC on a Betacam deck, but it resets to 00:00:00:00. That's not probably what you want, tho.
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