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What's the best brand and type of external harddrive?

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  • What's the best brand and type of external harddrive?

    I am editing a film and the original plan was to have one 2tb lacie drive for media storage and another 2tb lacie as a mirrored backup. Well the main drive just died and we also think we will need more storage..probably 4tb drive. What do you reccommend?
    Is Lacie a bad brand?
    How about the G-speed?
    Is the SATA connection the way to go vs fw800?
    Should i keep a lacie as a backup drive?
    I'm working on a dual 2Ghz powerpc g5 with final cut

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    SATA has been recommended here over FW800 for quite awhile.

    G-Tech & ProMax get high marks. I've been working with a Sonnet SATA raid enclosure with few issues. I put 5 250 Hitachi drives in it that I bought from zipzoomfly and newegg and I have no major complaints. I have the same Mac as you, and I am very happy with my Sonnet SATA card and enclosure.

    LaCie has more failure stories, but they also sell more whether or not it's a "bad brand" is relative. An unscientific poll led me to conclude that the LaCie drives larger than 300 GB were less reliable than their smaller models. Most of the problems reported with LaCies in that poll were the larger drives.

    If you don't trust the LaCie, I wouldn't use it as a backup. A backup that you don't trust doesn't help you sleep at night.