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dubbing beta to mini dv deck

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  • dubbing beta to mini dv deck

    First time poster here w a question about dubbing formats/speeds. I have some beta that i need to get into my FCP system. I was thinking the easiest way to do this would be to simply play the beta directly into my dvcam/mini dv deck (its a sony dsr20)
    Of course this did not work well. I got some strobing effects on the mini dv due to different tape speeds perhaps? Not sure. Is there hope that this will work with some tweaking ? Or do i need a fancy shmancy converter of some sort?

    If this is the case please let me know so i can stop by a pro house to let them convert the beta to a format i can use. Im not dropping big cash on a converter. this is the first time ive ever really needed to mess w beta tapes.

    Very cool forums. Looking forward to helping/learning here.

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    Welcome to 2-pop, opticzipperpictures!

    How did you connect the Beta to the DSR-20? (and by Beta, am I assuming correctly that it's BetaSP?)(And by miniDV in a DSR-20, am I correctly assuming you are dubbing to DVCam?) What "Beta" deck are you using?

    Technically, the dubs should've worked without issue. I had a client who used to shoot BetaSp and edit on Avid Xpress. He'd either dub the BSP tapes to DVCam in his office connecting a BVW-2800 to a DSR-20 via the S-video connections if he was in a hurry, otherwise he'd have them done at a facility and make component dubs to get a better quality.

    Since the DSR-20 doesn't have component inputs, it might be the conversion to composite video that's causing the issues. Both should be NTSC (or PAL), although one analog and one digital, both run at the same speed, 29.97 fps. You shouldn't need a converter, unless the BSP is PAL and you are trying to make NTSC dubs (or vice-versa).

    If there are no PAL vs. NTSC issues, and you are using composite video in, try S-Video instead and see if that improves things. If that's still unacceptable, take it to a dubbing or post facility and have them make component dupes to DVCam for you.

    If you find yourself with more BetaSP tapes in the future, and decide to invest in a Betacam player, I recommend the Sony J-30. It plays back BetaSP, Digital Beta, BetacamSX and MPEG IMX. Although I've never had need for those last two, it sure is nice to know I can play them back if one of the local stations who use them calls me up for some overflow help.

    Grab a cup o'java and hang out on a slow day!



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      thanks for the advice. Im using a sony beta sp deck BVW-50 trying to dub to a sony dsr-20 with mini dv tape. i was simply using a bnc connection from the beta out to the dsr-20 in. it looked ok on while recording on my monitor.... but when i played back the mini dv dubbed tape it looked like there was a speed issue. Is there something that I should recheck and try again?


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        dub beta to mini dv

        I have done this many times without a hitch. I always use the svideo out of the beta to the digital deck. And just the audio line out to line in. I do not know what the bnc does for you, unless the Beta deck has a bnc out. But that probably will not be svideo. Svideo is the better way to go for image quality, but I do not know why standard video would create any problems.

        If the beta deck has a monitor out that is RCA you could try that, but again, you do not get as clean a video dub. The audio should not matter. My experience is that when you go from the analog format to the dv format, the picture quality always gets better--although, Beta SP is about as good as you can get anyway.

        I dont live anywhere near a place that can do interformat dubbing, so I always have to do it in house. I do not see why is is not working for you. mx


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          recommend a converter?

          I will just stick with this thread because the topic is the same. I have been doing just what opticozipperman is doing for quite awhile. But I am thinking that I might be better served to import analog directly into my computer rather than dub to mini dv or dv cam first.

          I understand that I need a analog to digital converter to accomplish this. I have looked on ebay, and there always seems to be two or three for sale there in the $75 to $250 range. Lately there are several Canopus converters; a 50, a 55 and a 100. There may have been a 200 listed the other day. I have no idea what is a good item but I would pay a couple of hundred if it is a sensible thing to do.

          Debe, do you have a recommendation? Thanks, mx