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RAID 0 system wont mount

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  • RAID 0 system wont mount

    Hello all,

    The RAID 0 system drive on my edit computer is suddenly not able to mount. It is running on an internal media drive right now.
    I have gone under the hood and tried various different configurations, but still nothing can get the to mount. Target mode doesn't work either.
    The drives are clearly recognized in Mac disk utility- one is online but the other is offline. As I understand it they both need to be run together- -always. Also, both drives seem to be spinning away happily.
    My next move is to drive some drive recovery software. Disk warrior? Some Apple shareware I've found. Are these safe for a Mac system and for the data on this drive? What are the real risks of using drive recovery software?

    All thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. As always these events come at the worst times possible- project deadlines etc.

    ok, Many thanks, filmbee