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DSR 11 and FCP 5.1 edit to tape problem

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  • Zwick
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    also posted in the FCP forum (FCP5.1 and DSR11 edit to tape problem)
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  • mon
    started a topic DSR 11 and FCP 5.1 edit to tape problem

    DSR 11 and FCP 5.1 edit to tape problem

    Hi Everybody,

    I am working in PAL with an Intel IMac:
    2.16 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
    2GB Ram
    FCP 5.1
    DSR 11

    So far everything has been fine besides the odd audio drop-out with long programmes. But quite recently I discovered some strange behaviour, which I can't for sure tell if it is my computer or the deck:

    1. I monitor out over my DSR 11 (firewire) and when I am looking at a multiclip sequence (even when it is collapsed) in my viewing monitor (via deck) I see a grey screen with some rectangels displaying parts of the video picture and the audio is totally distorted. Then I usually switch on and off the deck (sometimes I have to do this several times) and it is back to normal. Sometimes this does not solve the problem and I unplug the firewire and/or unplug the power cord from the deck, if that does not help then a shut down and reboot, most of the time this helps.

    2. The next odd thing that appeared is when I try to edit to tape: I always make selfcontained movies and put them on the internal harddrive and play these out off FCP. When I edit to tape, the first lot works just fine, but when I try to run another section of my timeline to tape only the video is put onto tape and no audio. I restarted my computer several times and even gave it a rest of 30min to cool down as well as switched on and off the deck, but nothing helps... I also trashed my FCP preference file, but nothing.

    Has anyone come across this and does anyone know how to fix this.

    I am thankful for all help, have a lot of deadlines upcoming...

    Best from England.