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external drives mount but folders are empty???

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  • external drives mount but folders are empty???

    This is a new one for me - but my external G-Raid drives are mounting but the folders appear empty. They mount, I see the capture scratch (etc) folders and in the finder window for example only 12 gigs are available of 100 but it's for zero items. I've done the disc utility verified and repaired one that had a problem but it's changed nothing. i've also tried changing cables and ports but same result.
    Any and all suggestions appreciated, thank you!

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    This looks like a job for Disk Warrior.

    However, if it's a mechanical failure, you may have to put the drive mechanism in a new enclosure. Were there any strange mechanical sounds, clicking, funny smells (like petrochemicals or electrical burning)? Anything to indicate mechanical problems?

    It's also possible that the drive is dead and not recoverable...but since it mounts, I'm going to go with that as the absolute last possibility, if at all.



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      thanks debe - i'm about to try disk warrior (first time) - if i choose to rebuild, will it automatically wipe out what's on there?
      thanks again - and for the speedy reply too!


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        All Disk Warrior does is rebuild or reconstruct the directory data. It shouldn't touch your actual media files.

        I've done it many times over the years and never had a problem...unless the disk was physically damaged to begin with. If that's the case, it won't matter.

        Go ahead and hit that Rebuild button.

        Good Luck!



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          Well, thanks for the vote of confidence but after several attempts, it sees and apparently fixes the problem, but the drives respond the same: mount with the 3 fcp folders, but all are empty despite the drives are around 70% full. Hmmm. i was actually planning to eventually just use it as a back up as I'm about to install an internal 1TB sata but i imagine even if i completely erase and repartition the drive, i might have a pretty unstable back up at the end of the day, right?


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            Don't give up quite yet! Sometimes these things are tricksy!

            First, a confirmation. You are using firewire conncection, yes? Not SATA? What is the actual model number and capacity of the G-RAID? While you're at it, computer specs might be helpful too, to get a clear picture. Model, CPU, RAM, OS version.

            You could try restetting your NVRAM. This is assuming you are running a PowerPC Mac, not a new Intel (I'll have to look it up elsewhere if it's an Intel):

            Open Firmware resets for PPC ONLY:

            Restart the Mac. After the startup tone, hold down <cmd><opt><o><f> until the text screen is visible. This is the interface that allows you to manipulate system parameters. At the command-line prompt, type the following commands, followed by the <return> key after typing in each line: (be very diligent in proofreading for typos before you hit that <return> key)



            reset-all (the Mac will boot up after this command is entered)

            Moving on....

            Another, probably less tension-filled thing to try is connect the drive to another computer. Connecting to another computer will give you a good sense to whether it's the external drive or a problem with the original machine. I had a slightly different problem with a FW dirve not too long ago, and connecting it to my laptop and then back to the client's G5 made all the difference. I might actually try this first....

            Also, did you by chance happen to run Disk Warrior on your computer, too? The source of the problem could actually be the computer's directory structure, not just the one on the external drive. I know, sounds weird, but the Technogeek said it, and I've learned over the years that although he can sometimes be mistaken, a lot of times the stuff he says that doesn't make sense at first is the freakishly right answer. Again, don't worry, Disk Warrior is non-destructive and will only rebuild the directory, not lose data. That being said, having backups of important data is never a bad thing!!

            It's hard to trust a drive after it craps out on you, believe me I know, but we still don't know what's wrong yet. The drive's driectory might have just gotten scrambled, which can happen to any healthy, happy drive, and it may not be damaged at all. It may still be reliable.

            Partitioning has kind of gone by the wayside these days, unless you're making a dual-boot system or something. Perhaps try not partitioning next time. The Technogeek and I have been sitting here discussing how to concisely explain why partitioning isn't necessary, and sometimes even detrimental these days. The only concise thing he could come up with is that partitioning used to be good for a bunch of technical reasons that aren't valid anymore with the new OS. And sometimes, it even makes the new OS cranky. To give you more detailed answers would probably bore you to tears.

            I like personally like holding onto my technology as long as reasonably possible. I dislike the thought of disposable technology, and try to make things live as long as possible (don't ask me how I feel about cell phone chargers, please...). That being said, depending on how old your drives are, it might be their time to be relegated to the recycler, or it might not. If you get things up and running, you gut will probably tell you.

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              thanks so much for all this info! I'm going to save it for the next time i run into issues though. it turns out i lost patience with it all, decided that whatever media was on there i could redig easily enough and wiped it out late last night. (good to know about no need for partitioning though). i am trusting it as a temp back up while I install the new internal hd. i agree with you about not wanting to treat these things as disposable, but the g-raids haven't been great all along (they spin down constantly). anyhow, thanks again for your thorough answer! - all my best, jen


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                Well, that probably was the most efficient solution!!

                Come on back if you have any other issues, or if you want to try your hand at helping out someone else!!