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Deck control challenge - FW only option

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  • Deck control challenge - FW only option

    I have an odd situation and I'm looking for a possible work around.

    Will need to capture HD footage from panasonic HDX 900 (rather than plunk down $21,000 for their deck). The camera comes with Firewire port which will do this nicely.

    However, I want to capture to the ProRes 422 codec, and plan on looping audio and video (HD-SDI out of cam) through the AJA IOHD and into the MacPro. AJA makes a little shareware called VTR Xchange with will allow me to bring in the timecode as well. But the IOHD box does not support or loop through firewire... so I'm stuck for "deck" control of the camera.

    I can deadroll it in a kind of "capture now" process into the Mac, then drag all those Quicktime files into FCP to link them... but it would be nice if there was a way to have deck control.

    Anyone have any ideas how I might work around this issue?


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    I'd get the deck- this is a quick way to kill your camera's delicate heads.
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      Originally posted by NoahKadner View Post
      I'd get the deck- this is a quick way to kill your camera's delicate heads.
      Sure... but for $21,000, not a chance. I do mostly long form docs... digitize once, then edit project for months while the camera sits there.... there is not a lot of wear and tear on it. However, for bigger projects, and many tapes... will rent the deck for digitizing.

      In the meantime, still exploring deck control of camera for smaller ingest projects.