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Dubbing DVCPro50 to DVCam

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  • Dubbing DVCPro50 to DVCam

    I need to makes some DVCam dubs of DVCPro50 tapes -- going from an SD93 to a DSR-11. I've connected them via firewire and have set the DSR-11 to accept external time code but the DSR-11 isn't recording anything. Is there something else I need to do?

    Also, in the future I will have to do the same thing with a DSR-30 deck instead of the DSR-11. I had a look at the DSR-30 but couldn't figure out where the external time code feature is. (It's borrowed, and I'm not familiar with it.) Can anyone advise?


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    You cannot dub from DV50 to DV25 via firewire. You need to use an SDI or analog connection for the video & audio & an RS-422 connection for the TC. and the DSR-11 can only accept external TC over the firewire connection, so you'll have to use a different deck.
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      First drop the DV50 footage into a DV timeline and render. Then you can play out to the DSR-11 though they do not have addressable timecode. If you want true dubs with timecode it would need to go deck to deck with higher quality decks.

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        Thanks guys. I will try it with the DSR-30 since I do need accurate timecode. Anyone know how to set a DSR-30 to external timecode?