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  • Regarding SDI O/P

    Can anyone help?
    We have DFS-700 switcher console unit I/P component, We are using the wave form is VTM series it accepts only the SDI I/P, but we are not able to take SDI O/P, How can I get the SDI O/P from DFS-700 switcher or is there any other unit or system where we can give component I/P and we can have O/P like SDI,composit and component?

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    I think the SDI and component output for that switcher are additional add-on boards that can be added to the unit.

    It appears that the base model is composite out only.

    Contact your Sony Rep and they should be able to tell you what model boards you need to get the output options you want, and if they are still manufactured or if you will need to scour used equipment sales to find them.

    Or, you can try these people. They have one for rent. They might be more knowledgeable about the unit. I don't know this company personally, so I don't know if they would be willing to help. It's always possible that they might have an equipment manger who likes to answer questions. It could be worth an email: