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Sony DSR-45 creating a anti-copy signal?

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  • Sony DSR-45 creating a anti-copy signal?

    We are having a problem with our Sony DSR-45 DVCam deck.
    We bought a Sony DVD Recorder Model #RDR-VX555.
    If we connect it via s-video or rca cable to the DVcam deck, we get rainbow and flashing like it does if you are trying to copy a copyright movie.

    Vice-versa, if we try to copy from the DSR45 to the RDR-VX555, the RDR-VX555 stops and says we cannot copy a copyrighted movie. These are videos we are creating with Final Cut Pro Studio 6.02.
    Also, if we try to copy to the RDR with a tape made with the DSR45 but played in another camera, we get the same result. We have two DSR45 DVCam decks and they both cause the same problem.

    We have used other camcorders with the RDR-VX555 and it records tapes made with them with no problem.

    Has anyone else had these problems. We have read the owners manual cover to cover for the DSR45 and there doesn't seem to be a setting for copyright encoding.

    Thanks for any help.

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    I was trying to go from a Sony MiniDV deck to a Sony DVD recorder which allowed double layer recording. The recorder kept giving me an error about the signal being a copyright movie. I finally looped the signal from the MiniDV deck through an off the shelf Magnavox DVD recorder to the Sony DVD recorder. This stopped the problem.


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      Even though you created the piece, if you have any copyrighted pieces within the master there could be copyguard thwarting you. If you have a television with underscan check the top and bottom of the image and see if anything appears or disappears just prior to the recorder stopping.

      It's good to know if the deck is reacting to something within the image or if it's just flaky. Odds are there probably is some kind of copyguard masked within the image.
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