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  • lightscribe pros/cons for labels

    What do you think about using lightscribe for labeling discs? I know you need the burner to do that along with the correct media. But I'm just wondering if it looks professional, is it readable, does it decrease the life of the dvd or the burner?

    One downside i know is that it takes a long time just to print one dvd, but other than that, what have people seen, heard, experienced about lightscribe.

    I'm replacing my old PowerMac G4's dvd/cd rom drive with an internal burner. I don't want to invest much in something that's not blu-ray, so I'm trying the Samsung Super Writemaster DVD writer with lightscribe (awaiting delivery).

    I'd appreciate anyone with knowledge about this letting me know what to expect. If the lightscribe printing looks lousy or shortens the life of the burner or anything, I won't buy the lightscribe media. I'll just stay with my inkjjet printable media and use my Epson printer for labels, only using the burner to burn my dvd copies.

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    The slowness is the only reported downside, as far as I've ever heard.

    Using it shouldn't have a dramatic impact on the life of the drive itself. You'll probably have moved on to a BR burner before that could happen, anyway. (Unless you're burning & 'scribing tons a day, of course....)

    I've also not heard of any reports of it affecting the lifespan of the burned DVDs.

    It creates a presentable label. It could be considered just as "professional" as an inkjet printed label. (However, there are those that believe an inkjet printed label isn't it sort of depends on your own point of view. I like it just fine and I've never had a client complain.)

    And now for some unsolicited information: As far as your Epson goes...just be aware that if you upgrade your OS, you may lose functionality. After I went from 10.4.9 to 10.4.10, I couldn't use the Epson Print CD app and the Epson drivers stopped functioning. They may have fixed it by now, but I couldn't wait and made a new template in Pages that works for my needs, and installed the GIMP I haven't gone back to see if Epson has put out a good update.

    So whatever you need to do, make sure you aren't on a deadline to print labels before you update!! It might take awhile to get the Epson to play nice again!



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      Thanks for your input and heads up on OS. However, I'll do my burning & printing on my older G4 which only runs OSX.3

      I have 10.4.11 on my G5 but just have tried to use my epson printer from it yet - don't usually have to print from there.

      I usually think inkjet looks fine, but noticed the labels fade over time. Lightscribe would save on ink.

      I'm getting ready to order some lightscribe verbatim media. I see some comes with different colors (red, blue, yellow, orange) media, or I could just get the regular color, whatever that is, don't know if it's more like silver or gold.

      Have you seen how any of those choices look? I'm trying to envision how the colored media would look . . . but they don't give you all one color, it's a sampling of the different colors in a pack.

      I have to burn about 55 dvd copies for this project.


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        Ha! Every full color label I've printed on my Epson I've given away. I've never seen the fading issue. I've never even considered that!

        I've only ever seen the silver media used with a lightscribe.

        Sorry I don't have more to share!



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          In the same boat

          I am also struggling to find the best way to put labels on my discs. LightScribe? DiscPainter? Epson? etc. There has to be a consensus favorite. Anyone else have an opinion?


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            ligtscribe vs inkject dvd labels

            I'm reporting back now after getting some lightscribe media and trying some labels. Big downside is that it took 30 minutes to burn one label! I read when ordering the media that the newer media does the labels 30% faster than the previous version. I think I have the newer version, though it's not labeled anywhere I can see.

            I think the lightscribing time varies depending on your design and placement of text, images, etc. I got one test label that looked pretty good except that some of the text was not as readable as I' d like. I suppose you can get better if you experiment and find the best way to get enough contrast to have the text stand out.

            I really like not dealing with ink, but the inscribing time puts real limits on how and when I'd use it.

            For my inkjet labels, I'm thinking I might try the glossy surface verbatiim discs instead of the matte surface and see if I like that better for my inkject labels.

            On another note, refering to the advice that tiger upgrades break the epson drivers, yes, I noticed that. I have not had the time yet to look for the fix or new drivers if that's the problem, but hope to get that fixed.

            I have pages, but don't ever use it, so would be a bit lost trying to use it for labels, I think, but maybe when I get over my sleep deprivation I'll feel differently.


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              Hi, Chris-

              Please check your Private Messages!



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                Speed is one issue.

                Monochromatic printing is the biggest issue for me.

                Lack of contrast or sufficient contrast is also an issue.
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                  taiyo yuden or equivalent for lightscribe?

                  I've just heard about lightscribe and I'm wondering what people feel about it now in 2010. Also I only use Taiyo Yuden for authoring. If you recommend lightscribe, is there a brand of DVD that is as reliable for it?'Thanks,


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                    lightscribe for dvd labels

                    All of my experience is from 2008, so there may have been improvements.

                    I only used it a couple times, sort of as a test. It was very difficult to find a design that would work because of the monochromatic and limited contrast. When I finally found one template with an acceptable design, I lost it and was not able to come up with another workable design in any reasonable period of time.

                    The only thing I really like about it is not dealing with the hassles of ink. Lightscribe took 30 mins. to print, so not a viable option, accept to print one disk in an emergency where I might have problems with my inkjet printer.

                    I did not use it enough to judge any long term quality of the media, and did not search recently for media options because I'm not using it.