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connecting multiple FW devices-switches?

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  • connecting multiple FW devices-switches?

    PowerMac G5/dual2gig/4 gig ram/OS 10.4.11...

    In addition to the onboard FW bus, with its front and back connections, I have some sort of aftermarket FW card - a Belkin, I think- for more ports.

    I use this machine primarily for video editing. Thus, I have many firewire connections:
    - for media drives (I hook them to the aftermarket card to keep the i/o off the motherboard)
    - for my professional DV deck (used for capturing and recording; that is, in and out)
    - for my A to D DV converter (input to computer only)
    - for my DVD/SVHS recorder (output from computer only)

    My issue is mostly with the last three; the drives seem happy on the aftermarket card, and perform well no matter what else is connected where. The problem lies with the the tape-deck-like devices. I can only have one connected at a time, or the FW bus (or something) gets confused. Thus, if I'm capturing from the pro deck, I have to disconnect the connection to the DVD recorder. I'm sure that, when I get the A/D converter hooked into the system, I'll have to patch and unpatch it as well.

    What would be ideal would be some sort of software solution that would let me switch the active Firewire port, and turn off the others I don't want the computer to see. Sure, I could do the same thing by plugging and unplugging cables, but that's so low-tech...not to mention that the flimsy FW connections on the computer won't stand for that for long.

    Anybody have a similar situation? Anyone have a solution or suggestion?