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Lost files in Raid 0

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  • Lost files in Raid 0

    Hi. I set up a Raid 0 with two single terrabite hard drives. Anyways They were working great, then I moved into my studios and set them up again, and they have seem to have lost a weeks worth of information. There are alot of video files ect, which I was working on that have seemed to vanish. I have never used a Raid before. Before I would always just manually backup. I am kinda feeling like the Raid 0 is a bad idea. Anyone else had this problem. I am just lucky I still have all my data on P2 cards.


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    Raid 0 means:

    If 1 of 2 drives is dead. You loose all.

    Raid 0 is for high speed. Not for safety.

    Raid 1,5,6 are safe.


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      Well, the first thing is that RAID 0 is for speed and space. There's no protection of your data with a RAID 0. I use RAID 0, but I manually backup the media for my works in progress to an external FW drive for security.

      It's possible that the move jostled something. One of your drives may not be seated correctly. What kind of enclosure are you using, or are they internal to your Mac?

      Have you tried Drive Genius, Disk Warrior or Tech Tool (versions appropriate for your version of the OS, of course...) to see if they can find anything gone awry?

      I've never had media take a hike on me like perhaps someone who's encountered the problem may chime in.

      It would be helpful if you posted back what kind of computer, and which version of the OS you are using, as well as give us some vital stats on the RAID.



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        Thanks for the help guys. I actually had a Mirrored Raid, whichever Raid that was. I am usuing a Power Mac G5 with Lepoard. I have 3 Lacie Terabites and 1 rockster tarabite. Its a very weird problem!!! I don't know if I can go back to a mirrored raid again and actually feel safe after this. I haven't used any of those programs to check all the hard drives. Are they worth it? I allready bought the new photoshop and upgraded to final cut studio 2 and really can't afford another program. I have ran sense 1999 with external harddrives and never seen anything like this before.


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          Disk Warrior is an ABSOLUTE MUST for anybody working professionally with a Mac.
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