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Retrieving media from mirrored drive

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  • Retrieving media from mirrored drive


    I read the other post by Parksyboy, and it sounds like a similar problem. But I'm posting this as new to cut to the core question:

    How do you retrieve media off a mirrored drive when the primary drive it is mirrored to does not mount or show up in Disk Utility?

    All my media is off-line in Final Cut because the drive is not mounting. Only the mirrored, back-up drive shows up in the disk utility software unhighlighted, and the option to verify/repair is not available.

    It is a 10 terabyte system, with 5 separate drives mirroring the other 5. The files are not split between the drives. The primary drive not mounting is the one with all the media on it. The media is totally off-line in Final Cut Pro, so the mirrored drive is not automatically backing up the data/media.

    Has anyone retrieved data from a mirrored drive? What is the benefit of mirroring if one cannot access it?

    I'm going to try Disk Warrior. If anyone has experienced this, I'd love to know what happened.


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    Here is the answer:

    There are two ways to break the mirrored RAID: 1) Physically remove the drive from the array and place it in a single-drive enclosure; 2) In Disk Utility select the RAID volume (nor one of the slices) in the left side list, then click on the RAID tab in the DU main window. In the RAID display list select the topmost item - the array entry - then click on the Delete button. This will remove that mirrored RAID. Each drive should now appear in DU as separate volumes and on the Desktop as well.


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      Mirrored drives, what level of RAID are you using? Level 0 gives speed, but no data back up. So, if one drive dies, everything is lost. Level 1 does not give as much speed, but does give data redundancy, so if one drive dies, you still have all of your data.

      My question is, what level of RAID were you using?

      My guess is it was 0, which is not mirrored, but stripped, which is why you don't have all of your data any longer.

      Not sure what you mean by "primary drive", etc. In a RAID system, all drives are equal, and as a bundle, treated as one big drive. There's no "primary" drive in a RAID system.

      Stripped gives more speed, mirrored does not have the speed, but has the redundancy. A good read of RAID at Wikipedia is a good idea.

      Anyway, you need to give more information about how you set up your RAID system.

      Now, if you're not using a RAID set up, and using the term Mirror to refer to a back up drive, that's not "mirroring", that's just "backing up", the drives are not tied together as one. In that case, you have to "Reconnect Media" from your backup drive (which will have a different name from the working drive). Or, rename the backup drive with the exact same name as the original working drive it was backing up. Then FCP will find the media, as it looks at a strict path it was originally told to look in for the media files.

      Are you using a RAID system, or just doing a Backup?
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        Sounds like RAID 1 to me and the problem was not reading the mirrored data.
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