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  • RAID/Firewire question

    I just saw this forum and realize that I may have posted this question in the wrong place initially. If so, apologies!

    I have been working on a documentary along with my boss, and I am leaving the area. We will be working over the phone at a distance, so we need to expand to a two computer solution. I need to take the ~ 1.5 TB of data from this computer (haphazardly spread over several drives) and move it to two identical external 4 TB (4 x 1TB) firewire enclosures so that FCP (5.0.4) on either end will recognize a project file or EDL seamlessly when emailed back and forth. I have a few questions, as I am self-taught on FCP and have never set up RAID before.

    The secondary Mac (that I am planning to take with me) is an iMac G5, and only has Firewire 400. First, will FCP function at that speed? All footage is SD from MiniDV. Given that that is sufficient, am I going to gain any speed on throughput through the FW400 bottleneck if I set up the externals as RAID 0, or should I just stick with 4 individual drives? Redundancy is not necessary, as we have backups inherent to the 2 location plan.

    I have not used Media Manager before. Over the main computer's FW800, how much time should I budget for the actual transfer of the 1.5 TB to the new external boxes each?

    I appreciate any help!

    -Justin Buck