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  • Playback audio distortion

    Hi all,

    I'm exporting a few spots to DVCam and have come across a pretty bad audio playback problem. First, I'm using FCP 6.0.5 on my Mac Pro. I'm connected to a Sony HVR0-M15AU deck via FireWire, and using RCA to connect to a VHS/DVD player which is connected to the television via coax (it's a pretty old basic TV).

    What's happening is when I play from the timeline in FCP without using the external monitor to view the playback, the audio sounds fine through my computer speakers. When I either playback using the monitor or try to Print to Video, the audio is so distorted you can barely hear the mangled VO over the background static. I know this is not a problem with the television speakers, because the audio readings on the deck are peaked from the static, while the audio readings from Final Cut are fine. This only started happening a few days ago, the setup worked fine before that, and I haven't changed any settings internally. I've already swapped out the RCA cables and the FireWire cable is brand new.

    Any ideas? Has anyone else had a similar problem with the Sony HVR-M15AU?

    Thanks for the help,


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    Wow...nevermind on that audio distortion.

    For anyone else stumbling across this post with a similar problem, always make sure the weight of your firewire cables is supported and not hanging loose. Mine was hanging from behind my desk down to my tower, causing stress where the cable was connected to the deck. All I did was set the cable behind my monitors rather than let the whole thing hang, and now the audio comes through fine.

    It's always something stupid....


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      Thanks for posting the solution!!