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  • Backup suggestions needed

    We back up, daily, 5 student video editing Mac Pros. Right now using a Mac Mini with Retrospect Workgroup backup, to a chain of five 1 TB G-Tech drives connected with Firewire. However, the chain is getting longer!
    We don't need high speed, this is done at night over a 100 mbps network.

    I was looking for a higher-capacity solution without going to an expensive rack-mounted RAID (we have two for critical stuff, connected by Fibre-channel to an XServe)

    Looking at previous threads, the Drobo is sniffed at, and neither GTech nor CalDigit make higher capacity (over 2 GB) drives with Firewire interfaces (all the Mini has).
    So, it seems the OWC Mercurys are the only contenders mentioned left
    Either can go up to 8TB pre-formatted. I would probably select the desktop model, for space considerations, and use RAID-5
    Thanking anyone for feedback on the above drives, or any other suggestions.
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