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VHS underscan - glitch or timecode?

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  • VHS underscan - glitch or timecode?

    Hello - I am starting an archiving process of digitizing old VHS tapes into the computer. I am seeing what looks like a horizontal glitch at the bottom few scan lines of the image when I see it on the computer. Is this just part of the signal (such as timecode) that gets covered by the bezel of older tvs and monitors? Or does this sound like a glitch, possibly being caused by the VCR player?

    I have tried several tapes made by different people and all have the issue, so I ruled out a tape problem. I cleaned the heads and this didn't help.

    I have read that VHS video normally has signal garbage at the bottom outside the video safe area, but I am having difficulty confirming this. If that is the case, then I will live with it. However, if this sounds more like a playback problem, then I might get the deck repaired or even consider getting a new one.

    The deck I am using is a JVC HR-S5901U.


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    Can you post a screen shot of what it looks like? There is indeed something called "flagging", which is a degradation of the signal, but VHS does also does have an irregular-looking bottom few scan lines.



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      There are 45 lines, bottom edge that carry non-video data, such as closed captions, Macrovision data (if any), etc. You can merely crop it out.
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