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DVCpro deck via firewire to Avid MC

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  • DVCpro deck via firewire to Avid MC

    I have a project that starts shooting this Friday (2/26) that was originally going to a P2 card. They have changed cameras and are now going with the SDX900 from what I can tell uses a DVC tape and that the decks are firewire. The producer said that they would rent me a deck so my questions are as follows:
    What deck is the best for this? I have read about the AJ-SD930 but my concern is digitizing in to the Avid. This is my first project at my home edit bay and my CPU is a Mac Pro with a NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT video card running Media Composer 3.5. I don't have a mojo or adrenaline or nitris box so I would have to use the firewire for digitizing. Which leads me to my next question.
    Does Avid support this kind of digitizing and will it bring in timecode? I know digital cuts are not frame accurate but my main concern is digitizing. I was wondering if I can do this or do I have to book time and dig at a post house?
    Thanks so much for any input.


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    More than likely answer is yes to all of your questions. To confirm, in the avid capture tool, go to the tab to choose a deck and see if it shows up. If it does, you're fine. I'm not in front of my avid rigth now so i can't confirm. As for capturing over firewire, that should be fine and TC will be frame accurate, as will you output. Avid is and always has been frame accurate for all formats. I edited a show the other day that shot 23.98 on varicam, capture over firewire was flawless. If you have any other issues, try the Avid forums on their website.


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      Thanks. I did check the capture tool earlier and the deck (and many others) showed up. I never had to dig with firewire so I'm a little anxious about it so it's comforting to know that it works well. Thanks for the avid forum too, I will check it out.