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Auto IVTC built into FCP

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  • Auto IVTC built into FCP

    Perhaps it is my own inexperience with the software (I haven't tried cinema tools since FCP5, and I only glanced at it), but integrating automatic IVTC removal for mismatched telecine patterns would be incredibly helpful for time code breaks, unsynced tapes, and plain old rush jobs. Resorting to a separate tool for inverse telecine seems inefficient and time consuming (though I shouldn't be talking about time wasting!).

    Freeware software has offered solutions like this for years now, and Premiere takes the approach of automatically removing telecine patterns on an individual clip basis prior to entering the timeline, as long as they don't break timecode. At the very least, it would be nice to include a "final" IVTC option, when editing in 29.97 timelines (sometimes a necessity if the footage happens to be non-24pA), so that the final output becomes pattern matched and decimated when exporting.

    Additionally, it would be awesome if there was at least an option to handle motion graphics as pre-telecined footage. ie, the timeline is 29.97, but the timeline is set to handle stills as 24p footage (with telecine) to match the same motion, while maintaining the timeline's framerate.