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  • Copy Paste Object?

    In Premiere Pro CS4, I have created text and applied effects to it. If I copy (ctrl+c) the object on the timeline, then paste it (ctrl+v), a copy seems to be made of the object. The problem though, is that when I modify the text on the copied object, the text on the original clip seems to change as well. The copy, therefore, is still pointing to the original object, rather than existing entirely on its own. Is there a simple way to make a duplicate object that exists entirely on its own?

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    You'll probably want to create a new thread for the problem you're encountering, your post is off-topic from the thread title.


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      Right IdeaŚWrong Method

      Copy > Paste on the timeline simply won't do it for you. In the Title Tool, try this:

      Title > New Title > Based on Current Title

      That way, you can make a new title based on your current one. Any changes made to the new title won't ripple back to the original.

      Hope that helps you.

      This page on Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Help should assist you with further questions.
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