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  • iMovie Trailer - New Project Import

    I've created an iMovie trailer (which only allows for videos in it). I want to export it (SOMEPLACE - I exported to the Media Browser, but can't find it). I want export it again someplace in order to bring it back into a "new project" so that I can exchange some of the video with some stills.

    I know how to create the trailer and make the exchange of video's with stills, but can't figure out where / how to export the iMovie trailer so that I can drop it back into a new project as an introduction.

    I've done this in the past, but can't remember what I did.

    Can someone give me that simple step?

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    Well ... I thought I knew how to exchange some video clips in the iMovie trailer with stills. I "thought" that I could do this, but maybe I can't.

    Can some let me know if this is really possible. If its not ... so be it.

    If it is possible, could someone let me know the process on how to do that.

    Thanks Again
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      Use the Share command.

      Export to the desktop using the same settings as your project.

      Then import to a new or existing event
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