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Sharing an iMovie to iDVD

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  • Sharing an iMovie to iDVD

    What is the best way to create a DVD in iDVD from a movie in iMovie. Is it by:

    - sharing it with iDVD
    - sharing it with the media browser

    The reason I ask is that I shared the iMovie with iDVD - created the DVD - burned it and it came out NOTHING like the iMovie. The entire movie was out of sequence.

    Also when I shared the movie with iDVD, it didn't give me the option for selecting a widescreen.


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    If you share with the media browser, the movie will show up in the Media tab of iDVD. When you choose a Theme for the menu, the new ones are wide-screen and if your movie is not, a dialog will ask you if you want to change it.
    So, I would advise: Share with Media Browser, in iDVD choose a Theme, then drag your movie from the Media tab to the menu.
    One tip I think is cool about IM is that if you CNTRL-click on a frame in Event Library, then choose 'Add Still to Project', those stills will be available for you to use in your iDVD drop zones. The path is Your home>Movies>iMovie Projects>project name>Stills. Even if you then delete the stills from the project, they will still be in that Stills folder.(You could create a new project called 'Drop Zone Stills"…)
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