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Scene selection menu option in IDVD

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  • Scene selection menu option in IDVD

    Not sure this goes here, but didn't know where else it would fit.

    Anywho, using Imovie 7. Export mov from FCP. Chapter markers transfer and I get a scene selection menu.

    Is there a way to make the scene selection menu play the clips for 5-10 seconds instead of just having them be a still image? Is this something you can do in newer versions of Imovie?

    Thanks for any help.

    Yes yes I should do dvd studio pro, but people won't pay me to use it and expect it for free. Not happening.

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    Wait: are you using IM or FCP?
    In iDVD, no, the preset chapter buttons are the first frame of the chapter. You could get around this by customizing it and using drop zones for each chapter.
    Drag the same movie into each DZ, click on it and change the loop to what you want it to show. You would have to also create a play button for each of them…
    You might have to export each chapter as a separate movie if you want to do this in iDVD.
    This is becoming like the workflow in DVDSP: create buttons, choose what you want each button to play, and where to go after playing it.
    Like FCP, DVDSP at the most basic level is not hard to grok once you understand its internal workflow.
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