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Cross dissolve transition issue

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  • Cross dissolve transition issue

    Have been using iMovie on-and-off for a few years now but this has confused me a little. I'm putting together a simple music video for a friend. I am using free archive footage and film of my friend performing.

    I want to place a cross-dissolve transition between two clips (10s and 15s long). The second clip is of the singer 'lip-synching'. (I have detached audio from both clips and imported mp3 of song).
    The problem is, when I place the cross-dissolve between them, it knocks the lip-synch completely out (0.4s transition knocks out the audio by about 3s, which seems very strange). What I actually WANT to achieve is a 2-3s cross-dissolve which leaves the lip-synch intact.

    Of course, there could be something really simple that I have/have not done (it's happened before!).

    If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be pleased to read them.


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    put the pix and track in sync, export as full size movie then import back. Not sure whether this will cross dissolve the audio as well
    Or do the X dissolve, pix only, export and reimport that then sync up the mp3.
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