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Avid Xpress Pro on an Inspiron 8500-Suggestions?

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  • Avid Xpress Pro on an Inspiron 8500-Suggestions?

    I have been asked to build an Avid Xpress Pro workstation around a Dell Inspiron 8500 (this is a P4 Mobile 2.4 GHz 2 GB ram). My first question is whether the machine will run Xpress Pro or if it needs to run Xpress DV...

    Once that is out of the way I am looking for some help with creating a shopping list:
    The work station would ideally be "dockable" with the notebbook and provide dual monitors and NTSC preview, jog/shuttle set-up, powered speakers, analog/digital converter, extra HD storage, DV deck (or miniDV) and any other useful additions you might suggest.

    In addition to it's own stand alone station this notebook will need to interface (not at the same time) with an older MCXpress system that has already been in use. That system has a Beta deck, NTSC monitor, audio board, and a (whopping) 18gb SCSI raid. There is also an older DVD burner connected as an analog out from the Beta deck.

    The cameras used run the full gammut: BetaSP, DVCam, miniDV, Hi8, and some wierd recordable cartridge from Sony (the cartrige is a digital recording, but the camera only has analog outputs!?!?)

    Any help would be great, this is for a public service facility in a rural area and although there is a budget, it is limited so don't go wild on me