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  • 24P advanced for HD finish

    I'm working on a film that is shooting with the Panasonic DVX-100 in 24P advanced mode and will be capturing in a 24 frame project on Avid Xpress Pro. I was hoping to get an idea if it's possible to bring in other footage not shot by this camera and still preserve the cadence to upconvert to HD. If so, it will have to have this same 2:3:3:2 cadence, correct? That means that I'd have to bring in whatever footage on a mini-dv tape encoded in this same format? Also, since we will have so much footage, what are the possible side effects of onlining with an Adrenaline? Will that still preserve the cadence? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: 24P advanced for HD finish

    Onlining with an Adrenaline is not a problem since it can capture NORMAL, ADVANCED, at any resolution - from uncompressed SD toi DV25 etc.

    Xpress Pro 4.5 will allow NORMAL pulldown capture via analog through Mojo at 28:1. This is an offline resolution but if onlining in Adrenaline - it shouldn't be an issue.

    Now for all other frame rates that do not have an ADVANCED or NORMAL cadence such as 30i material - you can bring it in but it will look stuttery until it gets converted to 24p via external processes such as a Teranex for the HD conform.

    Anything 24fps